Sustainability: World Water Day with TWC Draincare

World Water Day

World Water Day has been celebrated on 22nd March since 1983, and was established by the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of freshwater — including the conflicts and issues that can surround it. In honour of this mission, the TWC Draincare team have put together some useful tips on saving water!


Dishes and Clothes- Use A Full Load

Whenever possible, please wait until your dishwasher or washing machine are full before initiating a wash cycle. It saves water and energy– allowing you to cut down on bills and waste at the same time.


Check for Leaks!

Dripping taps and leaks can waste staggering amounts of water, and even cause damage to your property. Checking for issues regularly, and calling a professional to fix any that you come across, will be better for your premises and the planet. You can often catch problems earlier when they are cheaper to fix- as we always say, prevention is better than cure.


Turn Off The Taps

We all know that we should turn off the tap whilst brushing our teeth, but how much water would that actually save? Well, if you left the tap running for the two minutes that you were brushing, you would waste approximately 18 litres of water!


Waste Not, Want Not

Getting creative with leftover water is a fantastic way to avoid waste, and it can also make your life easier. For example, try washing your fruits and vegetables over a plastic bowl instead of letting the water run down the sink– this can then be used to give your plants a nourishing drink. Starchy water left over after rice is cooked is thought to make hair smooth and shiny, as well as helping it to grow faster

For all your drain care needs, and for more water conservation tips, you can contact TWC here.

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