World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day

This month, TWC Draincare is looking forward to World Toilet Day, which falls on the 19th November 2023. In this blog, we will explain what this awareness day represents, how each individual can help, and how TWC can help you to take care of your own toilet.

What is World Toilet Day?

Focusing on raising awareness and holding governments, companies, and organisations accountable for solving the global sanitation crisis, World Toilet Day supports the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 – universal access to safe toilets and drinking water by 2030. Over 1000 children under the age of five are killed daily by diseases resulting from lack of access to sanitation, and time is running out; we would need to work five times faster than the current rate of progress to meet SDG 6 in time.

How Can You Help?

It might feel like individual efforts are a drop in the ocean for a global crisis like this, but you can make a difference! You can check out the Water Action Agenda to see what your local governments and organisations have committed to, and add your voice to the call for more investment and focus on sanitation provision. The UN also asks that each person commits to flushing safely, and avoiding pollution in the water supply – TWC can support you in both of these goals.

TWC Draincare and Your Toilet

In order to limit the waste of water worldwide, World Toilet Day promotes fixing leaks and emptying full septic tanks. Our draincare experts can assist you with this, and also provide CCTV drain surveys to inspect your plumbing and ensure that there are no silent leaks beneath the surface. Furthermore, you should only be flushing human waste and toilet paper: please avoid food waste, medicines, chemicals, and “flushable” wipes. If each individual followed these simple steps, we could make a huge collective difference.

For more information on World Toilet Day, you can visit their website here – and to talk to the experts about your own plumbing, you can contact the TWC Draincare team here.

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