High-Pressure Drain Jetting: The Facts

blocked drain

Disaster strikes, and your drain is obstructed– so, what can you do? The good news is that the TWC team is here to help, and we carry state of the art equipment to assess and solve the issue. In this blog, we will be talking about high-pressure drain jetting; so, what is it, and why might it be the ideal solution for your blocked drain?

What Is Drain Jetting?
Drain jetting uses high-pressure water blasts, delivered through flexible nozzles, to break up blockages and remove them from your drainage system. This allows water to flow freely again. Jetting is so powerful that it can be used against almost any kind of blockage, from grease and fat to some tree roots.

What Are The Benefits?
There is no need to use harsh chemicals when jetting your drains – the process uses water, which has no impact on the surrounding environment, and will not cause any damage to your pipes. It is also versatile, allowing us to use this method on a variety of plumbing systems. High-pressure drain jetting is effective and thorough, ensuring that your drains will function at their best. It is suitable for industrial, commercial, and even residential clients.

Hiring a Professional – Call TWC!
Calling an expert to perform your high-pressure drain jetting is always advisable, and the TWC team are here to help! We can conduct a CCTV drain survey to accurately locate the blockage and assess the condition of your pipes, ensuring that your drainage system is a good candidate for this treatment. If high-pressure drain jetting is not suitable in your circumstances, we can advise you on other ways to fix the issue and get your drains back to their best performance.

To discuss jetting your drains, you can contact our expert engineers here.

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