Worst Case Scenarios — and How to Avoid Them!

At TWC Draincare, we always say that prevention is better than cure — but what can happen if you are not proactive with your drain maintenance? This week, we want to explain some of the worst case drain scenarios, and how you can avoid them at your property.

Severe Blockages

Clearing a partial blockage is often a simple and quick job— we offer 24/7 emergency home and business cover, and can usually send out an engineer on the same day. A severe blockage, however, has the potential to cause serious underground damage, which can be widespread and very expensive to fix!We conduct CCTV drain surveys for many of our customers, allowing us to check every inch of your drainage system: we can find your blockage, and assess for damage at the same time. This means that, even if the pressure of the restricted water flow has weakened or cracked your pipes, we can take action to avoid a breach of the system.


A blocked drain can be a huge inconvenience, but once the blockage builds up (or if you develop a severe blockage in the first place, for example by flushing baby wipes), using the drainage system could cause a flood. The smell of a blocked drain is often the first thing that our customers notice; you definitely never want that water to come back up into your building!To avoid flooding, always call a professional promptly if you suspect a blockage, and never introduce blockage risks into your system. Wipes, oil and fat, and sanitary products are all common culprits.


When water freezes, it expands; so, the winter can wreak havoc on your pipes. This is most common in exterior drainage, or in pipes that do not benefit from the indoor heating in your premises, such as the pipework in a garage or basement. Make sure that you have your drains cleared before winter, and to ask for a CCTV drain survey if you suspect any cold damage underground.

To help you avoid a drain emergency, you can contact the TWC team.‍

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