Sustainable Drain Care Practices for Earth Day

Earth Day Environment

At TWC, we put the “care” back into draincare – and, this Earth Day, we want to encourage all our customers to extend this care to the environment. In this blog, we have outlined some key tips and tricks to help you make sure that you are using the most responsible ecological practices

Flush Responsibly!

The only things that you should flush down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. This not only protects your drainage system – it isn’t designed for anything else! – but also ensures that the local environment is not exposed to pollution or dangerous chemicals. For example, pouring leftover household cleaning agents down the drain can lead to damage, and these chemicals can then enter the local water table.

Contamination and Damage

Contamination in the local environment can build up over time, causing untold damage to flora and fauna. In extreme cases, this can even become a problem for nearby coastlines. Older drainage systems can also lead to flushed material entering the ecosystem, because many were not designed to deal with the volume of water that modern buildings often require. Wherever possible, surveying and upgrading your drains can help to avoid both financial and environmental issues.

Drinking Water

The water that we drink can also be contaminated, if toxic chemicals are introduced to the aquifer (permeable rock that transmits groundwater). Being eco-conscious not only protects the surrounding environment, but also ensures that resources that our communities rely on are safeguarded. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

For more information on responsible draincare, you can contact the TWC Draincare team here.

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