Septic Tanks– What Are Your Options?

septic tank options

Septic tanks might seem complex, but our specialist team are fully trained in their planning and installation. They are also able to support you with regular maintenance, and emergency call outs if disaster strikes– so, this week, we are going to discuss why a septic tank may be the perfect option for you.

So, why might you choose to install a septic tank? Often, they are a solution to the problem of mains drainage being unavailable, perhaps due to the location or unsuitability of your property. Septic tanks are less likely to suffer widespread leaks than traditional drainage systems, and they are built to last– a concrete septic tank can last up to 40 years. Furthermore, they remove pollutants from surface water and replenish groundwater, meaning that they can have a positive impact on the environment around the buildings they serve.

Whether you are looking for a wastewater treatment solution for a residential or a business property, there is a septic tank to suit you. There are also various options depending on what is most important to you; for example, if you are a business that operates under environmentally-friendly and sustainable principles, and mains drainage is not an option, our Ecoflo Coco Filter sewage treatment plant is the most ecological solution on the market. On the other hand, if you require a discrete option, the Solido SBR sewage treatment plant offers reduced noise pollution and an inconspicuous design.

There are five different septic tank options available for purchase through the TWC Draincare website, complete with detailed brochures, and prices available upon request- you can browse them [HERE]. With this service, you can enjoy a fully managed, end-to-end service, which includes delivery, installation, and expert maintenance. For more information, you can contact our experienced engineers.‍

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