Drain Disasters: The Early Warning Signs

drain disasters

Drains typically give out warning signs before a disaster– there will often be hints that a blockage is forming long before it becomes backed up and floods. In this blog, we’re giving you a list of things that should inspire you to reach for the phone and call a drainage expert!Type image caption here (optional)

What Can You Smell?

If your sink or drain is starting to smell unpleasant, this is a key sign that you have a blockage. Wastewater may be sitting in your pipes, which can cause the stagnant smell that leaves many people reaching for a bottle of sink unblocker. Unfortunately, if your clog is strong enough, household products are unlikely to clear it, meaning that the debris in your sink will need to be removed by a professional in order to remove the source of the odour.

What Can You Hear?

Gurgling sounds coming from your drain can be an early warning sign that most people will ignore, but it can be indicative of a blockage forming. If water is struggling to pass obstructions in the pipes, noises like gurgling or sucking can be audible from the surface. If your drain is making strange noises, consulting an expert early can save you

What Can You See?

Often, the most important signs of an incoming clog are visual. Is the water draining more slowly than usual? Are there pools of water above ground around your property? Are there water stains appearing around your drains or on your walls? These are all key indicators that you may need an expert eye to assess the damage– our engineers can perform CCTV drain surveys to assess the damage, and then assist you in removing the blockage and keeping everything draining as it should.

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